Blue Room

by john ballinger

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released March 5, 2017



all rights reserved


john ballinger Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: One Day
one day you'll be in an empty place
for you there is nothing
echoes of stumbling feet beneath your knees
and light enough to show that you're alone

There is no sound, there is no sight, there is no internet
no tattoo for comfort here

No paper thin pop culture hiding wide open wind-blown holes
in who you are
No helping hand, no woman or man, there is only you.

You'll be haunted by your solitude.
Fear and fever mock your soul and its weak, flaccid stance
from this you will never wake.
Track Name: Hungry
There is a man starving in this world tonight
We dance and drink and laugh
and he cannot lift his body from the floow

There is a woman so afraid walking home tonight
We sing and play and smile
and she hears footsteps close behind

It's not their fault they feel hungry and afraid
It's not your fault if you're doing very well
But I can hear their hearts breaking in a thousand different ways
And I know, tonight, their lives are a living hell.

There is a child dying inside on some city block tonight
We beckon every sunrise but no light's in her eyes
She hopes someday to believe it never happened
and her family keeps it hid
She'll bow below that burden
Alone with all he did.
Track Name: How We Move
Look at all Time's undone - and still we carry on together
Since you are the only one
Who let me see love is free and will last forever

And I'll stay
And you'll stay
And that's how we move

Look at you dancing there
I meant to tell the world about you
But that would be so unfair
Thought they'd see you shining, you'd still be mine and so
They'd be without you


Here in the summer solstice of our live
Maybe we see less ahead of us than behind
But winter seems far away
Winter seems far away

Humming bird stop and stare
never seen a face so fine
Wear a flower in your hair
Wings stops flyin', petals die
but we sing lullabies to father time...

And I'll stay...
Track Name: I Can See
Rush, the world of men
Tip the scales again
and hurry past the place of asking "why?"...
Track Name: Step by Step
Step by step I spiral down
out of my depth, without a sound
Even as a child I feel I must've known - my life is not my own
Track Name: She Used To
I got no one who loves me like she used to
In her eyes were my life, my freedom...
Track Name: The Right Man
When we danced together the world just fell away....
Track Name: We Belong Together
So surprised to see you in the moonlight
Dressed in just a bedroom smile